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Created to interact

swinggo-robotSwingGo has been specifically designed to attract attention. It is able to recognize people and communicate with them with movement, recorded messages and the combination of LED lights and sounds. It is a completely self-balancing system, and thanks to its internal sensors it remains in perfect equilibrium and can avoid obstacles in complete safety.

Its functions are based on response to different events. Each Event is connected to configurable behaviour. For example, it is possible to decide that – when a person comes close (event), SwingGo starts to sway and transmit an audio message (behaviour). It can carry out programmes of circular, triangular, or figure eight movement. It can move ahead until it reaches an obstacle and then change direction, and can also be controlled by means of smartphone or PC.

SwingGo implements a series of predefined events and moves from one programme to another quickly. It can create new events or personalize existing events as per the needs in that moment.




Rotation through 360 degrees

Figure-8 movement

Circular movement

Fast movement to the left and right

Triangular movement




A robot that speaks

comunicazione-robotSwingGo combines movement with words and music. Thanks to its integrated speakers, it can play a series of MP3, each associated to determined events. Other than standard default sounds and music, there are also numerous audio files available to personalize your messages.

Standard sounds include:

  • Battery almost finished.
  • Low battery.
  • Initialization error.
  • Alarm.
  • Musical accompaniment.
  • Obstacle detected.


Games of colours

SwingGo has a system of LED illumination to create games and combinations of light, also customizable and associated to different events.

Integrated effects include:

  • Natural crossfade: fading between the different colours available.
  • Flashing colour: fading between a chosen colour and black.
  • Slow flashing colour: slow fading between a chosen colour and black.



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